Cleaning With Hot Water Vs Cold Water

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September 14, 2015
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September 14, 2015

Reports indicate that nearly 70% of people believe cleaning with hot water is more effective than using cold water, as it gets rid of all the bacteria*. Plus, it’s traditionally known that hot water cleans better as it melts grease, oil and fats. But is this really true?

There is evidence indicating using hot water when cleaning is only effective for a very short amount of time.

So should hot water still be used?

The majority of research concluded cleaning with hot water is unnecessary, thus breaking traditional thinking. And, with more businesses needing to proactively adopt environmentally friendly solutions to comply with internal CSR policies, switching to cold water is an ideal and safer solution all round.

Why use cold water when cleaning?

Did you know hot water accounts for around 10% of the average energy bill?** In today’s world, the drive to become more sustainable and eco-friendly is increasing,  At the same time,  paying high energy bills is something we all want to avoid.

The advantage of using cold water for cleaning can be beneficial; not only to the environment but also to a business’s bottom line. Plus, it’s safer too, helping to avoid minor burn injuries in the workplace.

So, why waste energy by heating up water for cleaning when cold water  is just as effective?

Products for cleaning with cold water

WorkplaceTeam provides a range of products that can be used with cold water. We have teamed up with Diversey who specialises in environmentally friendly cleaning products. Their Carefree Floor Maintainer is just one of the many products specifically to be used with cold water.

Diversey says:

“Even if you fill a bucket or spray bottle with hot water, it soon becomes cold so there is no advantage in doing so…”

FacilitiesSuppliesTeam are experts in providing the best solution to suit our customers’ needs. Our range of cold water, eco-friendly cleaning products are suitable for all types of businesses and available to buy from us today.

FacilitiesSuppliesTeam understands the importance of environmental and sustainable issues and we offer our customers the best advice and products to suit their business needs.

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