Save Money, Time And Effort With Ekko Wipes

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September 14, 2015
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September 14, 2015

With many workplaces continuously looking for ways to improve their environmental performance, WorkplaceTeam suggests, from firsthand experience, to prioritise green efforts to determine where you can achieve the greatest impact, without it being a burden on staff members and an unrealistic goal.

Small but effective adjustments, that are easy to implement across the workplace, can be far more beneficial in the long-term, rather than a large one-off change.

Looking at the products your workplace uses every day and trying to source an environmentally friendly alternative for those essentials is a great way to start. At WorkplaceTeam we look at the products our customers use the most and source suitable alternatives which meet the requirements of being eco-friendly and cost effective.

With this being said, we have introduced a new innovative alternative to your everyday surface wipes, laundered towels and multipurpose cloths called Ekko wipes.

What are Ekko wipes?

Ekko wipes are pure cotton fibre wipes made from 100% lint-free compressed cotton, which are hygienic, earth friendly, chemical and preservative free, making them ideal for almost any job around the workplace.

These wipes contain:

  • NO Alcohol
  • NO Perfume
  • NO Creams
  • NO Chemicals

Their benefits:

  • Provide value for money
  • Are environmentally friendly
  • Have multiple handy uses
  • Are compact, significantly reducing storage space

With no harsh chemicals needed, it makes them the safer option for even the most sensitive skin, whilst still remaining strong and durable to clean the toughest of stains.

When dehydrated, these wipes are on average a maximum of 1cmx2cm making them small enough to bulk buy and store away compactly. When wet with fresh water they expand to 24cmx25cm and can hold up to 60ml of liquid.

These wipes are also biodegradable, so once used and disposed of they will only take a maximum of 14 weeks to naturally compost into earth. They make it simple to ‘be green’ by eliminating the effort, and time and energy involved with using laundered towels.

How and where to use?

Ekko wipes are already making a positive impact in the restaurant and catering sectors and can be used for exactly the same things normal cloths or laundered towels are used for; for example:

  • Distributing to customers on a flight or in a restaurant as a refreshing cloth for hands and face
  • In first aid kits to bathe wounds or as a temporary bandage
  • In the cleaners’ cupboard for wiping down surfaces, dusting desks and polishing mirrors

How can I order these wipes?

If you would like to make an appointment with to discuss these environmentally friendly wipes and how they can be used in your workplace, or any of our many other environmentally friendly workplace products, then get in touch here.